After a few aborted attempts at a solo release, which spanned for a few years, I feel that this release is good enough to see the light of day. This might as well be the best I could have done for those several months in 2016 when I recorded and edited this album.

While I cannot claim that a single approaches was implemented throughout the album, there was one idea/approach which seems to be the most interesting and most fruit-bearing of them all. The main idea and practice was to closely inspect and analyse the nature of samples as they change over time. Grain by grain – thus finding hidden patterns and colors, a microscopic approach which can produce macroscopic results.

It might be compared to taking dirt samples and bringing them back to a laboratory for assessment – myself, being a functional part of the lab, I am but another filter of analysis. Naturally, I also investigate my own reactions to how sounds mutate. I brought back a tiny sample and made it grow, as if in a petri dish, to a point where a veritable city is grown from within its tiny bio-mass.

This is not dissimilar to how one would investigate his own internal experiences, prying, testing, confessing, fabricating…finding that some ideas or images have their own connotations within ones psyche. This technique, in the broader sense of the term, is (in my eyes) what it means to take care of ones self (“cara sui”).

Much like my inner world, I had found musical objects had to be tested, scanned, manipulated, re-parsed, filtered… in order for me to make some sense of them. In order to discover small details which would otherwise not appear.These discoveries are somewhat like improvisations – but instead of playing something, you inspect a found object – (be it your own or a borrowed one) in order to find an element of spontaneity. Even those things that seem to be fixed and standing still, given the right treatment, can be spontaneous.

This resulted in a somewhat deconstructed or fragmented approach towards the genre called Ambient Music. As if the main tropes of non metered electronic music had been filtered through an ADHD machine.